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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reveal Genital Herpes Stages

In fact, genital herpes already attack 4 of 5 adult in America. That is why it is reasonable for us to recognize each genital herpes stages. Proper knowledge of each stage will make us more aware of this disease. Besides that, it is also help us to decide what type of treatment or medication that proper to take. Moreover, it is also helpful to decrease our risk in infecting our partner.  Here are the stages of genital herpes:

Initial episode
The first genital herpes stages are initial episodes. When this first outbreak happens, you will feel pain and severe even though woman will feel more pain than man. Usually, the initial episode will occur in few weeks after the virus first infection period. The symptom itself will be appearing around 2 up to 3 weeks. The sign of this first outbreak is the appearance of multiple blisters in genital area.
Woman with genital herpes will have the blister on vagina, buttock, vulva and anus. Men have the sore around penis, anus, buttock, scrotum and thigh. The blister then will formed painful ulcer. In men, blister on penis or outer labia can crust over and heal. The lesion of genital herpes will last for about 5 up to 7 days after the first group of blister appears. In the groin area, the tender and swollen lymph nodes will appear.
Other sign that goes along the genital herpes outbreak is the influenza symptom such as headache, joint pain, fever and pain when urinating. Some person is even need to deal with several other signs such as vomit, nausea, difficult to urinate and headache. Those all additional symptoms are closely related with the infection in the nervous system. The complication of rectum and anus inflammation is even possible to have higher risk to happen in men who have sex with men.
Latent stage
Next genital herpes stages are latent stage. During this period, the genital herpes virus will be travel in the nerves as your basic spine. Here, the virus will be inactive for several period of time. Unluckily, there is no visible symptom during this stage.
Recurrent outbreak
Genital herpes virus can be remain in our nerve and inactive for long time. Our weaker immune system level and health condition can be perfect trigger for recurrent episodes to happen. This recurrent outbreak is happen when the virus travel through nerves to skin surface and creating ulcer. The ulcer may appear in the same or different areas of first outbreak. Even though it may happen several times in a year but it will be milder that the primary outbreak severe. 

When you are having recurrent outbreak with mild symptom before the development of ulcer then it is a prodome period. The symptoms during this period are tingle, itchy and pain on leg, buttock and hip area. The recurrent itself may become less frequent and severe after the first year. Avoid stress, illness, fatigue and excessive exposure to sunlight to avoid any outbreak recurrence.


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