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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best Self Care for Genital Herpes Home Remedies

If we are talking about genital herpes home remedies then it means that we should do some self care. At least, there are several things that you can do to ease the genital herpes symptom. First of all, you can take some medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen to relieve your pain. Besides that, you can apply cool compress to your sores several times per day to relieve your itchy and pain feeling. For women with labia sores can urinate in a tub of water to prevent the pain.

You must also do the washing and drying sores very carefully when you are deciding to do genital herpes home remedies. You can wash your genital herpes sores with some soap and water and then pat dry. Never ever put a bandage on your sores since it will make your healing process last longer. It is simply because the air will boost the healing process. Besides that, never try to pick at your genital herpes sores since it may infect another area. Be careful on the lotion or ointment application. Never try to apply it on your sores unless your doctor approves it.
Choose the right underwear type. The perfect one is the cotton in a loose wear fitting. Avoid any synthetic pantyhose or a nylon material and tight fit pants since it will make the air flows and slower your healing process. You will need sufficient sleeping time since it can improve your immune level. Do not forget to pay attention in your consumption pattern. Consume a good nutrition to increase your immune system level. Avoid the problem that make you stress since it may decrease your immune system level.
Protect your body from any extreme cold, extreme heat, wind and sun. You may also apply the sunscreen especially in your lips. Another great movement during genital herpes home remedies process is preventing the herpes spreading to the other. Be sure that your sexual partner knowing your herpes before having sex. If you are still willing to do it with your partner then polyurethane condoms is needed to apply. When you have sore in genital, mouth and anus area then you better avoid any sexual intercourse such as anal, oral and vaginal area.

Another infection needed prevention action is never doing any oral sex when you have genital herpes sores in your lips or inside mouth area. Never ever share your toothbrush, towel and lipstick with other. Your utensils and dishes is also need to be washed with detergent before using by the others. Minimize your action to touch the infected area but if you cannot avoid it then you better immediately wash your hand with disinfectant soap to avoid any infection or spreading of genital herpes sore into another part of other people.

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