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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reason Why Choose Genital Herpes Home Remedies

It is undeniable thing that genital herpes is a contagious problem. It is simply because once you get it then the virus will remain stay in your body to re occur anytime. Want to try another alternative beside antiviral medication? Try the genital herpes home remedies. One thing to remember is never apply topical medication without doctor suggestion since it may lead into more serious internal disease.  

Serious internal disease because of topical ointment into your genital herpes sores is possible to happen since you drive the toxin back into your system. Any ointment that applied into skin eruption will make the virus get the chance to strike another tissue or your body organ. Better genital herpes home remedies are the homeopathic medication. This method helps you to clear the toxin and increase the immune system level.
The first step in homeopathic medication is aconitum. It is done when you get the early genital herpes stages when there is fever, tingle and burning sensation on infected area. This alternative medication continues with rhus toxicodendron that effectively treat cold sores, pustular eruption and lesion. When the genital herpes outbreak happen before menstrual period then lachesis will be better to applied.
If you have some neurological problem after the outbreak then you can take ranunculus to treat your zoster and subcutaneous ulceration. When you have mild or even severe pain on the lesion then you should take thuya to deal with pathogenis agent and venereal disease. To deal with recurrent herpes outbreak then you will need sulphur. Another alternative is apis that great to fight scrotal edema.

Women with genital herpes can take sepia to deal with itchy and pain in vulva and corrosive yellowish discharge or kreosotum to painful coition in vagina. Men will need croton tiglium on their scrotum lesion. If there is suppuration in inguinal gland then hepar sulfur is great choice. If the chronic ailment is difficult to eradicate then medorrhinum is a great option. Arsenicum bromatum can treat glandular induration while mezereum great for dealing burn feeling in skin and mucous.

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