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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Find Out Short and Long Term Effects of Genital Herpes

As a disease that cannot be cured yet, genital herpes cause various effects. Various effect itself will be vary depend on each patient condition. Usually, it will divided into two, the short and long term effects of genital herpes. The effect can be greater for people that have active sexual relationship. It is simply because skin to skin contact can increase infection risk. Moreover, once the virus infect then it will remain silently in your body.

The virus may infect your sexual partner. Even oral sex can be your way to spread the infection to your partner especially when you have herpes virus in your mouth. Somehow, the symptom may not clearly seen and appear. However, the virus is still possible to spread. Several short term effect and long term effects of genital herpes may happen later. What you need to do is making sure that you are getting infected with HSV type 2 viruses at first.
Commonly, some short term effect that may happen are redness and swelling in your penis, vulva or anus. Besides that you may get difficult to eat, feeling unwell, sore throat and slight fever. Moreover, and extreme fatigue and small blister in genital area is also possible to appear. Usually, this short term effect will goes along start from 2 days up to weeks from the first infection appearance.
The short term effect is affected by several factors such as flu, cold, stress, and dental work, tired or excessive light exposure. Long term effect is not only affected your body condition but also the infant in the future. Once the virus attack, it will stay remain in you. Somehow it will be passed to the infant during pregnancy. The case will be worse if you have weak immune system since it may lead into severe case such as brain damage and infant death. 

Another long term effect of genital herpes is higher risk of getting HIV. It is possible since people with exposed blister can be attacked by HIV virus easily. Not only that, HSV 2 may affect your nervous system and lead into neurological complication, ocular herpes and encephalitis. Severe cases such as cervical cancer for woman and impotence in men is also possible to happen sometime.

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