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Monday, March 16, 2015

Recognizing Best Garlic Supplements for Genital Herpes

Even though there is no cure for genital herpes yet but it does not mean that you can use any supplement to ease this disease. One of the supplement types that will helpful is garlic supplement. This type supplements for genital herpes is chosen since it contains antiviral and antibacterial property. The active ingredient in garlic is allicin while diallyl sulphides can decrease cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and improve circulation.

Most of genital herpes patient may recognize that the common suggested medication is an antiviral medicine. That is why most patients will consume it in daily basis which commonly called as suppressive therapy. However, there is a lot of another thing that can be done as alternative. You will need to find it when you want to do homey treatment for genital herpes. Taking garlic supplements is just one of various alternatives that you may take.
Garlic supplements for genital herpes are also suggested because it has various great ingredients such as selenium, potassium, calcium, B6, vitamin C, calcium, manganese and flavonoids. Not only that it is also has 80 sulfur compound. In fact, this kind of supplement has a complete antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal that is usually contain in sulfa drugs. If you want natural treatment for genital herpes then it is one of the best.

However, this type of supplement consumption also has side effect such as diarrhea, fatigue, headache, bad breath and gastrointestinal upset. Besides that, this supplement is also adding the metabolism on medication like saquinavar and cyclosporins. Even the research from Dr. J. North from Brigham Young University proved that garlic supplement has 100 percent effective result for HVS 2. Most people may only recognize garlic supplement if a form of tablet. In fact, there are also garlic gels that can be used as great supplements for genital herpes besides tablets form.

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