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Monday, April 13, 2015

12 Alternative Genital Herpes Treatment part 1

Commonly, doctor will suggest you to take medication for your genital herpes treatment. However, that is not the only way because you are still possible to take some alternative treatment such as detailed below:

Warm water bath
Bath with warm water is even suggested by the doctor since it can help you to ease the discomfort feeling. Not only that, it is also helpful to reduce the pain and itchy.  Just try to soak the affected area in warm water while keep it dry when it is not soaking. Use aluminum acetate or domeboro and magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts to the affected area. Clean the genital herpes sore with warm water and soap. Use towel or hair dryer when you want to dry after taking a bath.
Choose proper underwear material
Never ever try to wear tight clothing otherwise you will get torture with the pain and discomfort from your genital herpes sores. Choose underwear that is made from cotton rather than the synthetic one is a better choice to let your skin breathe easily.
Use topical anesthetic that suggested by the physician
Ask for your physician about topical anesthetic that you can apply on painful genital herpes ulcer. Even though this type of genital herpes treatment is not effective as the systemic treatment but it can relieve the pain and discomfort. Do not forget to consume over the counter medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen that can help you to ease the pain. 

Apply ointment that contain propolis
Propolis often gained from beehives. Simply use ointment that contains propolis four times per day for 10 days and you will get faster lesion healing.
Try the rozites caperata mushroom and prunella vulgaris
Both of these herbs can help you to soothe the pain and heal faster.
Try the Echinacea
Echinacea is a kind of natural remedy. Ingested it as pressed juice, extract or tincture.

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