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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Genital Herpes Treatment through Medical Way

When you are having genital herpes, what you need to do next is visiting the doctor to find the best and proper genital herpes treatment. Usually, the doctor will diagnose the genital herpes to make sure whether you are really having genital herpes or not. It is important since in some cases genital herpes is asymptomatic or occur without any present symptom. However, some other may have common general symptom.

General symptom of genital herpes is painful blister or sores that scab over your genital or buttocks area. Commonly, it will be healed after several weeks. Besides that, you may have some caking, re or raw skin around your genital area. This symptom may happen with or without itching. Not only that, some pain is also happening when you are urinating. Do not forget to also add fever, body aches and swollen gland that also commonly happen as genital herpes symptom.
After you get diagnose, doctor will provide some suggestion to take medical treatment. It is involving the type of drugs and precaution to manage the genital herpes symptom. The main point knows well about the type of treatment that you will take.  Be sure to hold some routine visit to make sure that you can find the proper and effective genital herpes treatment. At least, with effective treatment will make you healed sooner
Not only healing you sooner, effective genital herpes treatment will reduce your outbreak recurrence, period and pain of your outbreak. Automatically, it will help you to decrease the infection risk to spread the genital herpes into your sexual partners. Usually, the type of medication that suggested is the antiviral one. This type of medication is suggested to decrease the viral shedding or virus ability to multiply itself.
Most common antiviral medication that used are famciclovir (Famvir), valacyclovir (Valtrex) and acyclovir (Zovirax). Of course, you will be administered by a doctor to take this medication. It is important since they are the one that knowing well about the medication dosage based on your needs and outbreak severity. First type of treatment is initial treatment that given for about 19 days to see whether you can manage the outbreak or not.

Next treatment phase is the intermittent treatment.  If you have irregular outbreak then you will use the medication only when the outbreak occur. Last treatment type is the regular treatment. This treatment will need to be applied when you have more than 6 outbreaks in a year. This treatment is also well known as suppressive treatment. During the treatment, you will need to take the medication on daily basis. In fact, it can minimize your outbreak about 80%.

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