12 Alternative Genital Herpes Treatment part 2

Get baking soda for your sores
Baking soda can help you to dry out the genital herpes lesions.

Use lysine
As an essential amino acid, lysine can help you to prevent the genital herpes outbreak. Lysine can help you to prevent the outbreak since it can block the arginine ability to make the HSV 2 virus replication.
Use cool teabag
Heat the water to steep the teabag in. Cool the teabag under cold water and remove most of the moisture from the tea bag. Apply it on your genital herpes lesion and let it stay for several minutes. Discard the teabag and dry the infected area immediately with clean soft towel or hair dryer.
Use aloe vera
Aloe vera can be your next option to heal herpes lesion among men. Apply the aloe vera cream on your genital herpes lesion and drying it afterward. It can be helpful to decrease the outbreak duration.
Use the monolaurin
Monolaurin can be your next herbal genital herpes treatment since it contains lauric acid and glycerol that make up from coconut oil. Coconut oil itself is well known as great anti bacterial and anti viral. Cook with coconut oil, drink coconut water and apply the coconut oil into your sores can be a series of perfect natural treatment. 

Visit the herbalist
There are various herbal ingredients that used in ayurveda treatment. Those are chandana, devadaru, guduchi, nagarmotha, sacred fig, yestimadhu, utpala, sariva and ficus bengalenis. You can use those herbal remedies in three ways. Those three ways are decoction method, make a paste and direct application. Decoction method is boiling it with 16 ounces of water. Another way is make a paste of the herbal combined with rose water, milk and plain water.