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Friday, April 17, 2015

Preventive Treatment for Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is not curable yet. That is the basic reason why we are better finding preventive treatment for genital herpes. At least, it will make us avoid the whole effect that may happen because of HSV 2 infection. Need more guidance to prevent it? Check it out as follow:

Dealing with the outbreak
The most suffering time is when the outbreak occurs.  Imagine that you will be suffering because of various common symptoms such as illness, fatigue, stress, physical trauma and etc. What you can do as effective treatment for genital herpes is trying to maintain a balance physical and emotional condition.
Do some stresses relieve activities
People that suffer fromHSV 2 are not only deal with the pain and discomfort during the infection or outbreak but also face the emotional changes. That is the reason why you need to do some stress relieving action. There are various things that you can do such as meditation, yoga, painting and other art activity. Another routine that may help is exercising in regular basis. In fact, exercise routinely is not only great to maintain your physical but also mental and emotional health. When you have better immune system level then you may also possible to reduce the outbreak.
Use condom as prevention
Condom can be your another effective preventive treatment for genital herpes. No matter what type of sexual intercourse that you have whether it is oral, anal or genital. It can enhance the protection toward your sex partner but also protecting your skin of being damage from outbreak. However, it is better to avoid any sex during the outbreak period. It is simply because the viral shedding during the outbreak is getting worse.
Have sufficient rest hour
Be sure that you have sufficient rest and sleeping hour. It will be helpful to manage both of your physical and emotional condition. At least, you will need 7 up to 8 hours to sleep per night and avoid any extreme endurance activity that may torture your body.

Never ever do any activity that bring your in high risk of illness
Wash your hand in regular basis and do healthy life style to avoid lower immune system level. In fact, any decreased of immune system will make you easier to get infected.

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